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Vineyard Trellis
Trellis Suppliers

We specialize in all types of vineyard and orchard trellis which is available fully welded or in kit form for easy transportation. We can offer advice in regards to new developments to ensure you opt for the most economical and efficient methods available. We take pride in our product and service and guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with both.

Dried Fruit Trellis – Shaw Swing Arm Trellis
The Shaw swing arm trellis has been specifically designed by Ivan Shaw, for dried grape production within Australia and has the potential to minimize labour intensity and maximize production through strategic management of the vine.
Triggs offer specialist advice along with the tools and equipment that assist in delivering these goals and are the only licenced manufacturer of the Shaw Swing Arm Trellis.

We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest best practice information and are proud to be active members of the Australian Dried Fruits Association.

ViceBite® Stay Bracket
Trellis Suppliers Rodney designed the ViceBite bracket when they were going through the redevelopment of their dried fruit property in Cabarita. Through a lot of experimentation they came up with a design that was unique in that it has teeth on both sides of the bracket itself and with wires being tensioned (acting as a vice-like force) was able to be forced into the timbers of both the end post and stay.

ViceBite has since become available through numerous retail outlets and is being used in various industries such as farm fencing, local council and government fencing projects, vineyards small and large as well as backyard boundary fencing.

ViceBite has even found its way to New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

Further information about the ViceBite fencing product can be found at
Cordon Bunch Removal Sprayer
Cordon Bunch Removal Sprayer

With this spray unit, we are able to strategically target an area of the vine that would normally grow fruit and cannot be accessed by the harvester. This fruit would previously have been harvested by hand and placed on a wire within the range of the harvester head.

With the cordon sprayer we can spray this area with calcium nitrate that will burn off the young bunches that are approx. 10-15cm long and we can successfully remove the fruit which not only saves labour costs but allows the vine to use the nutrients that would have been used on those bunches and place it within the required zone.

There is also a suggestion that the fertiliser may also be absorbed by the vine cordon in the sprayed area, , therefore improving the condition of next years fruiting canes. This theory requires further investigation.

The Cordon sprayer also operates with a recirculation system similar to the wetting machine and is able to catch and recycle any overspray as it travels along, therefore reducing the risk of affecting the plant or the potential crop and also saving money by using less chemicals and water.

Pruning/Mobile Platforms
Fruit Pruning Platforms

Self propelled and highly versatile our pruning platforms are designed to make pruning easier by raising you up to a more manageable and safer working height.

Pruning platforms would be useful in many agricultural industries as they have the option of being easy to load and unload with forklifts or by hand, they can be adapted in many ways to accommodate tool boxes, pruning equipment and fencing gear just as examples and the one of the best features is the Hi & Low range 4x4 capabilities. This makes them a go anywhere, workhorse with a difference!

Pruning platforms can be custom made to your specifications so contact us for more information in relation to operating specifications, travel speeds and safety features.

Wetting Machines  
Vineyard Wetting Machine

This Dried Fruit Wetting Machine has been specifically designed for the Shaw Swing Arm trellis and its key features include a recirculation system, which is very efficient but also effectively penetrates right into the fruit bunches for more effective drying.

We have also been able to expand the operation by including a leaf removal and cane cutting process on the tractor giving us the ability to provide 3 services within a single pass which has proven to be a very popular option with our customers.

This unit can be custom built around an existing spray tank or built to your specification so contact us now for more information.

General Engineering
General Engineering

Triggs can not only carry out repairs and maintenance to general agricultural machinery and equipment but also have vast experience within the Earthmoving industry manufacturing additional equipment.

These include manufacturing steel and stainless steel pipe fittings, manhole barriers, pipeline gates, and numerous other items used within the industry .

Rodney has 15 years experience as an operator/supervisor working with all types of earthmoving equipment and has the capability of not only understanding how to complete the engineering job, but understands how crucial it can be to have accuracy in regard to job specifications.
Recirculating Boom Sprayer

This addition to an existing spray unit was required by a customer to lessen the cost of very expensive chemicals used within the table grape industry.

The theory has been reflected through a number of our projects and essentially seeks to capture overspray including the drips from beneath the canopy and recycles it back to the spray tank where it can then be re-used.

With this unit we set out to make substantial material cost savings, and the unit is now operating on a fresh fruit property in the Northern Territory.
Riddle Machine
Riddle Machine

This riddle machine has been manufactured for the cleaning of dried fruit prior to sending to the processor.

As you can see in the photos the samples of before and after are quite different and has allowed the customer to retain a high level of quality even with detrimental weather at harvest time.
Steel Processing /Welding
General Engineering

Triggs are able to cut, punch, bend and notch steel such as trellis angle, concrete reo, rod and most standard steel materials.

Triggs is always looking at efficiencies within these processes and will always assess these prior to starting a new job, therefore offering cost savings where possible without taking away from the high quality standards that is our trademark.

Contract Harvesting
Grape Harvesters

We have two Korvan Harvesters that has been modified by Rodney specifically for the Shaw Swing Arm dried fruit trellis system. Features include a hydraulic over row catching system, which can be lifted for tight turning within headlands, problem areas within the vineyard and for a convenient travel position.

Our harvesters have been specially fitted with an inbuilt MOG remover (riddle system) that provides cleaner fruit samples than the conventional harvesters.
Special jets have been installed within the belt system to reduce clogging that can lead to maintenance downtime, we are therefore able to clean the belts as we are harvesting.

For dried fruit contract harvesting within Victoria and SA contact us now.

Vineyard Brackets and Equipment
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